Our Wines – Red Top


Tastings are $15 for 6 samples and a souvenir wine glass

$15 tasting fee is refunded with any 4 bottle purchase

Getaway White

A delicious semi-sweet blend of Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Vignoles. Full bodied, floral and vibrant!


To keep the Island theme going, we developed this exciting wine with flavors of pineapple and coconut. It is as SPARKLING wine that is reminiscent of a Pina Colada!


Proprietary white blend with a hint of ginger, this wine is crisp, exhilarating, and daringly different!


Tequila!!! That’s right, we aged some Seyval Blanc in used Tequila barrels to give this tantalizing wine a little kick...kind of like those Scorpion Suckers you had as a kid!


Another common wine you think...not ours! We left this Pinot Grigio just off dry and then made it SPARKLING. The combination puts a fun twist on an old classic!


We are in Michigan (MI), so the name of this wine pays tribute to our great state... with dominant watermelon flavors (another fruit we grow a lot of in Michigan), and subtle flavors of orange and banana (just because they go good with watermelon!)


We grow our grapes just a few miles off the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan, which gives us the “Lake Effect”. This SPARKLING blue wine will help you remember your trip to Southwest Michigan when you are back home with friends and family!

Hooray for Rose

Bright and lively, this sparkling rose is full of flavor and character and blends exceptionally with any get together!

Le Vin

We aged a proprietary red blend in once used Brandy barrels to create this extremely unique limited release!

Red Red Wine

A dry , lightly oaked, red made with a blend of our red grapes and local blueberries. Notes of traditional Merlot with a nice blueberry pie.

Bourbon Barrel Merlot

Merlot aged in a collection of used Bourbon barrels straight from Kentucky distilleries… this awesome wine is 15% ABV with bold flavors for smoke and caramel!


This wine is made primarily from Chambourcin grapes, which give it a very deep robust purple color. Off dry with no oak contact at all. The jammy fruit flavors really pop on this easy drinking wine!


Fun and Flirty! This SPARKLING red blend has deep fruit blended with CHOCOLATE & BLUEBERRY! It is sure to help your next gathering be a Rock'n good time!


What goes better with crisp mouthwatering apple cider than a little spicy jalapeno. These two tastes co-mingle beautifully in this cider that is will make you HOLLER!


A sweet fruity blend of (you guessed it) raspberries and cherries dominate this fun refreshing cider!


Caramel, Pecan, and Chocolate... This cider is like dessert in a bottle!!!

Cucumber Basil

Light bodied and very refreshing with just a hint of sweetness. It tastes so fresh and natural you may consider it your healthy drink of the day!